Keep Your Siding and Roof Clean All Year

Keep Your Siding and Roof Clean All Year

Get soft wash services for your building in Lamar, Conway & Clarksville, AR and Surrounding areas

The exterior of your building is exposed to the elements daily. This makes it susceptible to debris and dirt buildup. UV rays also play a major role in diminishing the luster of your roof and siding. Soft wash restores your space using gentle methods that won't damage the exterior of your building. It's a wise investment for any property owner in Lamar, Conway & Clarksville, AR and Surrounding areas.

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Clean your home with house washing services

When your home looks dirty, it gives off a bad impression. While keeping it free of dirt and grime is ideal, it's not always realistic with your busy schedule. Instead of letting your home fall by the wayside, hire a professional for house washing services. This gentle method comes with a host of benefits. Check out a few:

  • It removes bacteria
  • It restores luster
  • It won't damage your home
  • It increases curb appeal

A professional house washing service makes your home in Lamar, Conway & Clarksville, AR and Surrounding areas truly shine.

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So, What's Eating Your Roof?

The biggest threat to roofing is a type of bacterial growth called Gloeocapsa Magma!

  • Starts to spread, bringing its BLACK STREAKS with it
  • Eats away at the Limestone Roofing (shingles)
  • Degrades your shingles and compromises its integrity
  • Absorbs heat, which in turn damages shingles and causes them to come apart

SOFT WASHING is the ONLY WAY to effectively remove the bacteria without harming your roof!!



  • We can gently scrub the bacteria off your roof without harming the environment
  • Our cleaners work their way into your shingles killing the bacterial growth, break down the buildup, and safeguard the quality of your roof

  • We don’t use any more pressure than what comes out of your garden hose
  • High pressure systems can blast straight through shingles causing small leaks that can do A LOT OF DAMAGE!

So, what exactly is eating your roof?

You know that soft washing removes harmful bacteria, but what kind exactly? And what makes it so harmful? The kind of bacteria that grows most often on your roof is called gloecapsa magma. This species of bacterial algae can do more harm to your roof than most storms, making it a huge threat to the functionality of your roof.

When gloecapsa magma takes root, it can:


  • Spread across your roof, creating visible black streaks
  • Eat away at your shingles, risking the integrity of your roof
  • Absorb heat, causing your shingles to crack and split



Amazing Grass Lawncare can clear away gloecapsa magma from your roof in no time. We offer comprehensive roof cleaning and shingle cleaning services in Lamar, Conway & Clarksville, AR and the surrounding area. You can count on us to soft wash your roof and increase its useful life.


Why soft washing?

Soft washing a roof is the only way to remove bacteria and buildup without causing further damage to the shingles. When you hire Amazing Grass Lawncare for roof cleaning and shingle cleaning, you can count on us to:


  • Bring the proper equipment for soft washing a roof
  • Spray eco-friendly cleaners across your roof
  • Gently scrub away the bacteria and reduce the risk of regrowth



Contact Amazing Grass Lawncare now to find out more about our roof cleaning and shingle cleaning work. We have years of experience cleaning roofs in the Lamar, Conway & Clarksville, AR area. By using a low-pressure water system, we’ll make sure your shingles stay intact throughout the cleaning process.